10/22/2008 1:17:15 PM
Re: termination

I was a manager in company, last month 22nd, Monday, i received a SMS from 1 of my staff - A, she said she want claim off day by today. I reply, " i can't approval ur off day by today, because u must give me mininum 2 days notice, u only can claim emergency leave by today." after that, she no reply my SMS.

23rd, morning, she send a SMS to me, said, " I have money problem, only can back to office after get my salary, but I'll doing sales in my hometown." I reply her SMS, "pls courier your submission to office by tomorrow." And i try to call her, she didn't pick up my call at all.

24th, afternoon, I SMS and call her, not pick up/ reply my call/SMS.

25th, Night. I received a SMS said, she want to resign, will send the resign letter to me. I reply, I want receive your resign letter by tomorrow before 5pm. I can accept fax, e-mail, or by hand. She reply, She can't do anything, because she didn't fax, e-mail, she only can send the resign letter to me. In this SMS she not mention the date when she want to send the letter to me. I reply her, I'll terminate her if I didn't received resign letter by tomorrow 5pm. Due to her no report to office/supervisor more than 48 hour. And I call her many times, she didn't pick up the phone.

26th, 6pm, I ask HR to issue the termination letter to her.

3rd Oct, I received a SMS from A, she said she received the termination letter from HR, and she claim she have report to me by 23, 24 & 25 by SMS. She want to send the letter back to office, and want us to do the correction, she was resign, not terminate by company.

8th Oct, I received a resign letter from A. Date on the letter was 6th Oct 2008.

Yesterday, I received a call from my boss, he said, A report to HR & Labour Law Malaysia, she was resign and have report to me at 23,24 & 25, she don't think and not accept the termination.

My question,
1. Am I doing anything wrong in this ? (she was not confirm staff, work less than 1 month, and she always ignore my calls, never pick up the phone when she know was me calling her. I have give her verbal warning, and counselling session, but she stil not follow)

2.I received her SMS, and I reply her SMS is this call she had report to me ?

3. I will face any sue by Labour Law or this person ?

4. My name will blacklist in Labour Law ?

Pls advices me, what can I do now ? Thanks a lot
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KL Siew
10/22/2008 4:52:04 PM
Since that employee has resigned, just let the matter rest. No one is going to sue you neither you will be blacklisted I am sure.
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10/22/2008 5:17:33 PM
But she was tender resign letter (6 Oct 08) after received the termination letter (26 Sept 08), is this still effect ?
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KL Siew

10/22/2008 6:47:16 PM
That is not your problem. Why worry about it.
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1/3/2009 5:15:40 PM
11/12/2008 is sultan birthday holiday, if staff off day on 10/12/2008 or off on 13/12/2008 can he claim his holiday pay? TQ
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