7/14/2008 3:26:17 PM
Re: Salary&Allowance

Dear Sir,
My basic salary is RM1,300.00 and allowance is RM300.00. For your inform, my salary is equally divided among the two company which is the subsidiary of the company A. My position in com. is Plantation Executive and in com. C is Admin & HR Exe.
My question is:
1.Under the Sarawak Labour Ordinance stated those with more then RM1,500.00 is not protected, so my situation, am I considered protected?
2.Can allowance be consider as salary since we also deduct EPF & SOCSO?
Thank you

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KL Siew
7/14/2008 3:40:26 PM
Do you have two appointment letters, one by company A and one by company C or it is just for account purposes only?

1. Even if you are not covered by the Sarawak Labour Ordinance, you can always have the benefits as stated in the Ordinance listed in your appointment letter like annual leave, sick leave, working hours, rest days and so on. You will be protected in that way..

2. Yes, allowance is considered as 'wages' under that Ordinance.
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