7/12/2008 11:46:07 PM
Re: What is Human Right??

My company recently has staff outing. I & another colleague have informed that we are not interested to join. However, our supervisor told us, if we are not going our boss is not happy with that. So, he is not taking serious action & assumed we will go. A day before, we gave reminder again but another supervisor sent SMS telling us only have 2 options:

1) We go at 12 noon to prepared lunch for those who join activities & go back to work from 4pm-12am without break!!
2) We work from 2pm till 12am with only 30 minutes break.

Also, she warned us if we are not going we cannot participate any company activities for the remaining times & WE MUST WORK.

We are really unhappy, disappointed & frustrated with this kind of respond from company management. As we know that there is no such rules saying that we must we join company activities. What is human right??
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KL Siew
7/13/2008 8:27:46 AM
Try to fit in. It is a good thing to give support to the activities of your company and it will be good for you and for your company. Join and try to enjoy yourself.
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