5/8/2008 11:50:05 AM
Re: annual leave

我在今年的 5/5/08 已给了辞职信.那我的 annual leave又该如何处理..
而我的LAST DAY 又在几时??我今年的ANNUAL LEAVE 又该如何算法....
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KL Siew
5/8/2008 12:36:04 PM
1. What is your salary?
2. What is the period of notice that you have given?
3. What is your annual leave entitlement?
4. How many days annual leave balance you still have?
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5/8/2008 1:36:26 PM
1. Rm 1400 / month
2. 1 month notice
3. 14 days
4. Balance 13days( 1 day taken)
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KL Siew

5/8/2008 2:26:58 PM
Last working day: 4/6/2008

You may apply for the 13 days annual leave balance before you go. If your employer does not approve your leave, he will have to pay you for it with (1400/26)x13
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7/27/2008 7:14:32 PM
Annual leave is start counted on the days i started work or after i receive confirmation by the company under the labour law?

Thank You.
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6/2/2009 10:54:30 PM
i wroking at this company 2year,now i stop my job at this 15th ,i only have 12day annual leave ,now my boss tell me i only one month can take one day leave,now i already take 8 day must pay back company two day salary,so i ask my boss why when i one month take more 3day leave ,why no tell me one day only annual leave another two day is no pay leave,now i want stop my job ,if company have this law must give we all see memo

sorry my english so broken ,thanks ur help

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