5/2/2008 5:13:01 PM
Re: Too much work

本人在一间education software 工作了大约1年半,工作职位是动画设计。最近被分配去做programming 的工作,但无任何加薪。我怀孕了大概7个月。月薪也超过了RM1500。以前我公司有两个programmer, 但一名已经辞职了。我不但要做两个programmer 的工作,还要兼任刚离职的排版工作。工作量大大的增加,每天的工作时间也长了。如果做不完也被老板责骂一顿。做超时,老板说这是你的事。感觉上他给我两个月产假,但要我做回双倍的工作(虽然他没如此的说)。

我怀孕,医生叫我尽量休息,也不要跑这样多。但老板有意无意的打电话叫我去他的办公室。我跑到他的办公室,他既然叫我帮他打电话找某人,然后接给他。我很奇怪他的电话可以打出去外面,但我的电话只可以打给office 的范围而已。我还得去找admin clerk 帮他接,然后再跑回去跟他说接了。好多次发生这种事了。

请问我要如何告这种无良的老板。我从来没说我愿意转职。但我的appointment letter 有这条 “An employee shall carry out all duties as may be assigned by the company from time to time and may be transferred from one department, location or associated company to another at the discretion of the company.“。

就因为这条rules. 然到我真的必须要怀着孩子,还要面对时常被他骂的处境吗?
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KL Siew
5/2/2008 6:39:49 PM
看来你的情况是相当困苦而你的公司看来也是很糟糕。因你不久就会分娩,要找工作也不容易,唯有暂时做下去,分娩后才打算。目前能做多少就做多少。 不过遇到这种老板有时也不必跟他太过客气, 要他加薪。 不加就不做别人的工作。同时你也可以去劳工局了解一下。
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7/28/2008 1:16:35 PM
Hi Siew,
I have been working as admin support in a MNC under contract basis. My direct report manager is a male manager but i have to work for him and also his manager who is sitting very far from my office. His manager is a female. I have been working here for 7 months and everyday i have to help her to buy food for example her lunch, tea time. Sometimes she will complain that the lunch is not good and also restricted me for going to lunch on time. My lunch time is 12pm and she asked me to buy lunch at 12:15pm. Is there any way I can escalate this issue to? It's not written in my job responsibilities that I have to buy lunch for her and I am not really willing to buy lunch for her.
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