1/8/2008 1:43:32 AM
Re: how to solve the problem

i would like to asl u some questions hope u cn answer it. thanks.
may i know that if i work for OT is my OT will add on 1.5% in that OT hour?
my boss already deducted my EPF , but i found out that my boss don help me tp paid it,although he already deducted from me,when i ask ed him, he just said that he already paid it, so what should i do?

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KL Siew
1/8/2008 10:15:04 AM
For every hour of OT you worked, you should get :


For EPF not paid, you should check with the EPF whether the amount was credited into your account. But you may not know the result immediately. Phone up EPF and talk to one of the duty officers.
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