Said Bin Zaid
8/21/2007 4:48:32 PM
Re: Force to work until Midnight and Weekends without OT

Dear Sir/Mdm,
I'm currently working with an System Integrator Company in Damansara with 400+ total number of employees. Since most of the projects' deadline are getting nearer and nearer, the CEO/Owner forced all of his employee to put extra effort and work until midnight and during weekends.

As usual, some of the senior employees are reluctant to do it so he asked all the top management to have meetings, trainings and discussion at late nights. Since the meetings and training are mandatory, thus it forces us to stay back. If we don't attend, we are given "THE LOOK" (you know - you've been blacklisted and you will not get any bonus) and submit a show cause letter explaining your absentism.

Also there has no means of paying OT to all! Our working hours as stated in my contract are from 8.30am - 5.30pm but now with the pressure from the CEO it's becoming like 8.30am-12midnight plus weekends. Please advise on the strategy to confront the CEO/Owner.

Yours sincerely,
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KL Siew
8/21/2007 5:40:02 PM
If you people are employees covered by the Employment Act 1955 then you may have the law to back you up about overtime work. But if you people are senior employees not covered by the EA, you may have to toe the line for the well-being of the company. If the company makes more profit as a result of your 'cooperation', then don't be shy to demand for more bonus from them. Make your intention or expectation known to them, otherwise not deal nexttime. Since you have asked, that's my small suggestion.
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