8/10/2007 4:44:25 PM
Re: Short employment (cont)

Sales Exec.
Salary = RM1500
Allowance = RM900

He works from 1 Aug 07 til 9 Aug 07 only. He tender resignation letter on 10 Aug 07 and stop work on 10 Aug 07. He took leave on 6&7 Aug 07 and MC on 8 Aug 07.

Letter of Appointment stated - "..either party reserve the rights to terminate the contract by giving the other party a one (1) week written notice without any reason being assigned, or one (1) week’s salary in lieu of such notice."

Kindly also advise :-
1) Is he entitled for pay sick leave?
2) Employee is entitle for pay sick leave starting from the 1st day he start work?
3) The company has the right to deduct 1 week salary? Working days or calendar day?
4) If after the deduction of notice of termination and unpay leave, he is owing to the company, the company can claim from him? How?

Thank you.

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KL Siew
8/10/2007 5:25:27 PM
1. Yes
2. Yes
3 and 4: Simply don't pay this guy anything and close the case. If he comes back for his pay then you 'kira' with him accordingly.
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