6/26/2007 4:36:44 PM
Re: 产假

我有一个Account Officer , 薪酬2300。00, 她进工日期在11月06年,生产在9/6/2007, 请问公司是否可以先扣留她的2个月薪酬,等她回来上班后才给她?
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KL Siew

6/26/2007 5:29:59 PM

38. Payment of maternity allowance.

The maternity allowance referred to in section 37(2) and accruing in each wage period under the contract of serve of the female employee shall be paid in the same manner as if such allowance were wages earned during such wage period as provided in section 19.

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6/27/2008 1:35:05 PM
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