6/5/2007 5:11:23 PM
Re: Salary Calculation

Dear Sir,
Our company is on 5 days working basis. For monthly salary calculation, do we calculate based on 30days of the months or 21 days of the month?
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Kl Siew
6/5/2007 6:41:11 PM
Should use the actual number of days of the month to work out the salary for one day. 21 or 22 days should be used for calculation of overtime, annual leave or holiday pay .
For example a worker earning 1500 per month in April (30 days) he get 50.00 per day. If he absents or works for 5 days you deduct or pay 5x50=250. If you use 21 to divide, he will have to pay back oe you have to pay 1500/21x5=357.15 which comes to 7 days' pay. So you are deducting or paying more if you use 21.
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2/27/2008 12:43:16 PM
Dear Sir,

My company employed a staff only work 3 days in a week and paying a sum of amount end of the month. However, this particular staff was away for holiday for a week ( absent for 3 days work ). This staff is not entile for any leave ( as stated in the appointment letter ). How should I calculate the salary ?
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8/12/2009 8:59:56 PM
Re: Salary Calculation

Dear Sir,

A new staff just join us from last mth 13/07/2009,and she only work 16 days in a mth ,so how should i calculate the salary ? she monthly salary is Rm1200 & allowance is Rm200.
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