6/2/2007 4:59:37 PM
Re: Paid

i have some questions as below.
1. My company is a outsource service base company, we are required to work on any public holiday without any double pay and only entitled for day-off.Is it under the labour law that we could not claim for double pay?

2. Before I entered to this company, the HR said that is 5 days working, 9am to 6pm, and entitled for OT hours claim. However after i join the company, we just only can claim for OT meals and also have to work for 3 different shift which is 8am,9am and 11am. Can i complaint of it? In my contract, it never stated that we have to work for shift at all. They are giving the wrong information before we sign the offer letter.

3. My company is serve for 3 different country companies where each conutry are having diferent public holidays. Before that, I knew that my company is not follow Malaysia public holiday and HR said we will follow the client company's conutry holiday. However, we A country is P.H,the B company is not in P.H. When the 3 companies are on holiday, we asked for holiday, but the company said have at least few people stay on company as standby. But, the people that standby in that day, the others are force to deduct Annual Leave. Is there anything that can be complaint?

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KL Siew
6/2/2007 9:57:00 PM
The Employment Act is very clear on working on holidays, restday or overtime etc etc and there are venues where you can make complaints. But I still think the best people to resolve the problems are the people in the company. You people have to work out a system to deal with those situations as mentioned by you. When there is no way out then I think you will have approach the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department for help.
Another thing I am sure most of you if not all are not covered by the Employment Act and you will have to work out something amongst yourselves to deal with the problems of working hour, holidays or annual leave or other benefits and so on. Failing to resolve the disputes then you ask for help.
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